High Density Electro Magnetic Body Forming

ROBOLEX••Plus is an effective and multi functional body contouring device combining Vacuum endermo suction, RF at various intensity and directional polarity, Cavitation, EMS Middle-Low frequency and Low Level Laser.


For facials, neck and neckline, acting at a depth of 1mm with a frequency of 2MHz to 3MHz


For arms, legs and inner thighs, reaching a depth of up to 2.5mm with a frequency of 1.4MHz to 1.8MHz


Indicated for abdomen, hips and buttocks acting at depths of up to 4.5 mm with a frequency of 1MHz to 1.4MHz


Low frequency ultrasound (38 kHz)


hands free for body treatment. This device that combines 3 technologies, low and medium frequency, RF and low power laser

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