Facial & Body Deep Ionic Radiofrequency

RF••ION is unique monopolar capacitive & resistive radiofrequency ( RF ) with top parameters: deepest heating at emitting frequency of 470kHz, high powered 300W for large electrodes applications. Need bipolar? Also included. See our brand, think and compare.

RF••ION is automatic power and impedance controlled RF with simple interface, driven by artificial intelligence for predictable and consistent results, targeting and maintaining temperature for the whole duration of treatment, based on unique impedance detection.

RF••ION brings wide range of indications, including pre- and post-treatment care ( threads, botox, surgery ). with exceptional Return on Investment (ROI), no cunsumables and disposables.

Top to Toe. Laxity to Lipolysis and Cellulite.

Skin tightening & lifting, healing promotion, post-surgical cases, bruising elimination, skin laxity, cellulite reduction, strectch marks, non-surgical fat reduction ( lipolysis ), physiotherapy. 

Treatment control, simplicity, repeatability and reliability. Whatever you may think about. Complex. Powerful. intelligent solution.

Generation next: Complex Ionic RF.

Ionic is the name given to the set of phenomena that take place at cellular level and lead to the restoration of the cells. 

Flow of ions and charged molecules is colliding with immobile particles of the tissues, inducing temperature increase of the treated region depending on the settings and anatomical characteristics of the treated tissues. 

Subthermia, Thermia and Hyperthermia.

Subtermia brings bio-stimulation, cell nutrition activation and cell metabolism increase. 

Thermia increases microcirculation and vasodilation, blood flow, oxygenation and tissue draining. 

Hyperthermia increases the metabolic activity and tissue detox. Heat shock to proteins activates the endogenous recovery mechanisms and significant collagen regrowth. 

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