HIFES Highly Focused Extracorporal Shockwave Therapy

REM••FAT is cutting edge HIFES technology in obesity market with strong effect on:

  •  entire fat layer destruction
  • cellulite
  • skin tightening by collagen stimulation

REM••FAT HIFES mechanism - inverse piezoelectric effect generates strong shock wave energy ( pressure in the range of 30 MPa ) applied through depth-control pad chosen according to the measured fat thickness.

HIFES wave of REM••FAT device is gathered in concaved case. high shock energy is generated, creating hundreds of microbubbles around the focal point. Bursting bubbles damage adipocytes membranes, stimulate dermis and break old and loosen collagen fibers, creating neo-collagenesis.

HIFES concept of REM••FAT device is suitable even for obesity degree.

No epidermis damage, low pain.

Simple, user friendly operation.

Handpiece long lifetime: 10 mil shots.

REM••FAT Teatment Regime:      

2-3.000 pulses per palm size. 

Only 8-15 mins for abdomen, once a week, total 4 - 8 sessions. 

What can be expected on abdomen? 6-8 cms less !

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