Stem Cells Biotechnology

REGENERA••ACTIVE is breakthrough biotechnology. Mini-invasive technique based on autologous stem cells application triggering massive regeneration process, suitable mainly for scalp and facial area.  

REGENERA••ACTIVE is FDA certified state-of-the-art technology, designed for many specialties including aesthetic dermatology,  trichology, plastic surgery, orthopedics, surgery and more. etc. 

REGENERA••ACTIVE means just 1 treatment couple of minutes long, just every 2 years.

REGENERA••ACTIVE device prepares the cells-solution, which is applied back to the skin by thin needle or AQUA••INJ injector.

Is it safe and effective? Fully natural, without chemicals and / or any superficial additives. FDA and CE certification of REGENERA••ACTIVA is a clear proof of safety and effectiveness. Material is exclusively obtained within the patient's body. 

How does it work? In case of alopecia treatment procedure REGENERA••ACTIVE stimulates the growth of new hairs & increases hair density and nourishes hair follicles. In case of skin rejuvenation it improves the condition and overall quality of the skin.

Easy and fast mini-invasive technique.


Price effective compared with other graft protocols.

Tissue cross contamination elimination.

Compact, transportable design.

Normalization of tissue disintegration.

Fast tissue preparation.

Disposable closed disintegration unit.

Improved operator safety.

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