PROFI••MASK - Peptide

HARACELL - means "getting better" and offers your skin a glowing and firm look

Individually & exactly chosen professional care:

Wrinkle Care - Whitening Care - Moisture Care


Contains fruit complex extract that is rich in vitamins, keeps moisturized skin care and makes vitalized skin by preventing dryness. Helps bluish, varicolored and dull skin tone being healthy and vitalized again by increasing the power of the skin itself. Improves skin tone and makes skin bright an healthy by water-soluble vitamin B complex. Fruit complex extract helps moisturized skin care by preventing dryness through blocking evaporation of moisture and maintains moisturizing power. Fruit Acids of fruit complex extract help AHA components to enable more effective skin care.


Keeps skin healthy with balanced oil and moisture even though skin exposed to an external irritation by increasing the power of the skin itself. Presents vitality to tired skin as it contains Coper Tripeptide-1, that gives elasticity to the skin. Assists on enhancing skin barrier with rich nutrition. Presents elasticity to the skin that helps to prevent and alleviate uneven skin texture. Soften skin texture and presents conditioning on skin , that assists vitalized and healthy skin care. Contains natural extracts, that help soothing skin and calms redness of skin by external irritation.


Provides moisture to rough skin by dry environment and keeps skin as shiny and moist. Prevent vitality to dull and tired skin tone, and brightens skin itself. Attaches to the skin with a moist feeling and helps to comfort the tired skin. Penetrates into the skin without stickiness and keeps skin moisturized and tight. Oily skin, that needs light and comfortable moisture care. Contains "Violet" Azulene, that keeps dullness left on the skin as clear and transparent. Performs a function of skin protection by soothing externally irritated skin. Manages redness and makes comfortable skin tone. 

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