PIQ PicoSecond Laser

Top of the line picosecond laser standing out from the competition

PIQ is CE and FDA cleared medical device as "Laser Surgical Instrument For Use In General And Plastic Surgery And In Dermatology" from May 2020.

PIQ is the one of the most powerful picosecond lasers in the market, next-generation and the  top-of-the-line ALL IN ONE Medical product with Tatoo removal system without damaging surrounding tissue and unwanted side effects.

PIQ has the shortest Pulse on the market (300ps) - increased efficiency, reduced side effects. High peak power & top quality beam profile for the skin transforming photo-acoustic effect

PIQ has quick and comfortable solution for acne scars and wrinkles with low downtime and gentle approach to building new collagen. Variety of epidermal and dermal pigmented lesions - high rate clearance

PIQ has wide range of indications. Non-pigmented skin conditions and lesions - skin rejuvenation and toning, enlarged pores, wrinkles, acne and traumatic scars reduction and range of multi-colored tattoos removal.

PIQ Array Lens 20X - fractional, split beam handpiece available.

The key are extremely short pulses in the picosecond range, a trillionth of a second!

PIQ laser's pico-second pulses are absorbed differently than normal laser pulses. They create a brief and precise photo-acoustic effect, for the popping sound it creates. Targeted structure is fractured to microscopical particals disposed by our own body's lymphatic system mechanism. Photo-acoustic skin remodeling is a completely non-thermal way - a very safe option for all skin types.The state of the art technology...

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