What's Behind?

First generation is over. Fortunately...

First generation of HIEMT devices pioneered the way to new body forming procedure, no doubt, and received FDA approval in USA. It was paradoxically its monopoly, which however prevented it from its wider spreading: high price of device, high price of treatment...

iCM 5H device is the newest generation, which brings the highest intensity of the treatments ( 9 Tesla & 30.000 Supramaximal Contractions ), but mainly, it is new in its approach to the market: the ambitions of new generation is literally spreading into every body-forming practice. How can this be achieved? By appropriate price policy...

Spec Sheet

Input Power ... 2500VA

Output Power ... 0-9 Tesla (+/- 20%)

Screen ... 8 inches LCD touchscreen

Display Languages ... English, Spanish, Italian

Pulse Width ... 300 µs

System Cooling ... Air Cooling

Electromagnetic Coil ... Double layers, diameter 127 mm

Working Mode ... Auto, Manual

Working Time ... 1-30 minutes

Working Intensity ... 1%-100%

Working Frequency ... up to 120 Hz

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