Radiant Bohr's Effect Facial Treatment 

GEN••O2 is clinically proven cutting edge technology.

GEN••O2 provides optimal cleansing, exfoliation and skin natural oxygenation from within, maximum infusion of active ingredients, superior nourishment with immediate and long term results.

Effect of Carbon Dioxide Facial Therapy on Skin Oxygenation - Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, 2015

"Non invasive CO2 facial treatment improves immediately following the treatment the skin oxygenation attributable to the generation of an artificial Bohr's effect."

GEN••O2 - Oxygen from within

gen.02 combines unique application of capsules and nutrient-rich, natural active ingredients gel.

When they come in contact with each other on the skin's surface, CO2 rich active gel is created, inducing a physiological response called the Bohr's effect, leading to increased tissue oxygen along with increased blood flow, presence of O2 rich blood in the area and elevated skin cell metabolism.

GEN••O2 - Wide range of interactions

Cell energizing and renewal. 

Improvement of the wrinkles. 

Protection from environmental damage by powerful antioxidants. 

Inhibition effect on collagen depletion.

Total skin rejuvenation, lightening, melanin and acne inhibition.

And much more in just a single device...

GEN••O2 - Selection of treatment kits

GEN•O2 customized treatment kits containing capsule and active gel serum.

Exfoliate the upper skin layer by capsule to smooth and prepare it to receive active nutrients.

Infuse nutrient -rich actove ingredients by chosen treatment kit.

Oxygenate by physiological response sending oxygen rich blood to the treated area, increasing capillary flow and skin metabolism.

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