Portable Monochromatic 308nm Excimer Therapy

What is 308nm Excimer Light ?

308nm excimer light can induce T cell apoptosis and promote pigment synthesis, treating more accurately the diseased skin within the shortest time ever !

DERMA••308ex Headline

FDA (USA) certified 


CE mark certified

according to Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC

New generation

DERMA••308ex generate 308 nm wavelength from the light tube filled by Xenon chloride(XeCl) gas as a medium.

What is DERMA••308ex excellent for?

Vitiligo, psoriasis, seberrheic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis and other dermatities, pityriasis rosea, urticaria, general and chronic eczema, skin pruritus, etc.

DERMA••308ex Key Features

Smallest available excimer system on the market

High dose, highly effective and fast treatments & results

Targeted treatments, maximum protection of the healthy skin

Up to 16cm2 spot size for short treatment of large areas

Multiple spot sized output windows to meet diferent body parts treatments

No replacement consumables, no gas, maintenance free technology

User friendly interface, convenient and easy to operate

Handheld designed excimer system

Completely pain free system

Small, well-designed housing, high mobility and modern look carrying case

What is (not) Excimer?

Only DERMA••308ex special XeCl medium lamp can emit 308nm powerful Excimer single wavelength, fluorescent UVB tubes and LED semiconductor tubes cannot achieve this effect. 

DERMA••308ex typical fluence is 30mW/Cm2 ( UVB tube 30times lower... ), typical initial treatment time are 3 seconds ( UVB tube 10 times longer... ) 

Smart MED Treatment Protocol Pre-set

DERMA••308ex single wavelength of 308nm is considered to be the golden standard for the treatment of vitiligo and psoriasis. It has the characteristics of powerful, highly effective state-of-the-art technology with fast results and short treatment time. In combination with MED ( Minimum Erythema Test ) product feature, user gets convenient, straight-forward and intuitive set-up of all the treatment parameters.

DERMA••308ex specs

XeCl lamp • 308nm continuous • 30mW/cm2 • 30-4.200mJ/cm2 • Spot max 16cm2

Treatment time 1-140sec • Test dose 3-6-9-12-18sec • FDA certified • CE MDD 93/42/EEC certified

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