What's Behind ?

Complex non-invasive treatment

Destroy stubborn fat - Activate fat releasing effect - Strenghthen the muscles with Mid and Low Frequencies

Patented system: no concern and complaints about petechiae, bruising and after-pain, no strong vacuum

COOL••TIGHT does not use strong vacuum and paralel geometry of cryo plates inside of chamber like most of the devices do. Our unique, patented system of cryo plates placed on the upper side of chamber allows more gentle treatment, without pain by strong vacuum

COOL••TIGHT is proven technology of non invasive fat removal

Fat cells are frozen and dissolved. The released fat is likely processed by the liver. Clinical studies report an average fat-layer reduction of more than 22% as measured by ultrasound.


Time and cost savings by covering 4 different areas at once or treating 2 clients at once.

Acceleration of frozen fat discharge

Medium and low frequency therapy has similar effect as fitness excercise: speeds up metabolism, builds up muscles.

How does it work?

Cooling energy destroys selectively and only the fat cells by mechanism of panniculitis in crystalized lipocytes, removed by apoptosis.

2 to 4 weeks after treatment macrophages surround, cover and digestthe lipid cells as part of the body's natural response.

2 to 3 months after treatment fat volume in the treated area is visibly decreased.

Contraction and Relaxation of muscles can be as beneficial as fitness excercise

Frequencies adjustable from 150Hz to 750 Hz, covering different depth and all body types: 400 Hz for normal bodies, lower frequency for more obese, higher frequency for this ones.

Reduction of cold feeling and warm lymphatic drainage

Locate low and mid frequency pads beside cryo applicators and work simultaneously.

Low and mid frequency treatment at +40 deg C promotes lymphatic drainage and doubles the effect

COOL••TIGHT Cryo Lipolysis typical treatment protocol

40 to 60 minutes treatment in 4 weeks interval, usually 3 sessions 

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