9 pin Needles and HFE No-Needles Injector

AQUA••INJ offers the best of its kind 9 pin needles injector and also the first ever developed no-needles option, based on patented High Focused Electroporation (HFE), which opens the pores for applied active solutions and closes them immediately after, without any pain, is the core of the breakthrough no-needles AQUA.inj technology. Solution Air Shower, which is part of HFE procedure, effectively and evenly applies active solutions into the skin by stamp technique.

Patented 31G 9-pin multi needle type injection with after-injection backward-moving piston mechanism

Patented Air Shower High Focused Electroporation (HFE) of Needless injection

Intermittent & Continuous Operating modes

Needles Control Depth : 0 - 5mm, precise interval of 0.2mm

Weight less than 3kgs

7inch Touch Screen, LCD Panel

Automatic syringe detection program

Exact amount of dose injection

Automatic Piston backward - moving routine - far fewer product loss

Low pain with powerful vacuum effect and speed injection

Double safety and hygienic standards

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GDPR compliance