What's Behind?

AQUA••INJ is the brand new needles and no-needles injector, offering the best of its kind 9 pin needles injector and also the first ever developed no-needles option, based on patented High Focused Electroporation (HFE), which opens the pores for applied active solutions and closes them immediately after, without any pain, is the core of the breakthrough no-needles AQUA.inj technology. Solution Air Shower, which is part of HFE procedure, effectively and evenly applies active solutions into the skin by stamp technique.

AQUA••INJ gives exact amount of dose injection. There are various syringes so by just setting the syringe length is not enough for exact amount of dose injection without care of syringe diameter and length of 1 cc. AQUA.inj has program to save various syringes three values therefore syringe type is automatically detected and exact amount of dose is injected per syringe type.

AQUA••INJ low pain treatment with powerful vacuum and speed injection. Pain is one of cause to make give up the multi injector care, our timely powerful suction and speed injection reduce pain during injection, making the treatment more convenient.

AQUA••INJ double safety standards adopting disposable filter right under of needle maximizes filtering effect. Main filter in the main unit doubles filtering system and safety.

AQUA••INJ is designed as perfectly interlocked case to prevent product Ieakage into the gun.

AQUA••INJ automatic after-injection backward-moving piston mechanism is unique and prevents product loss.

AQUA••INJ gun type handpice gives enough pressure to keep the needles at the exact right angle for stable injection and prevention of hand shake influence. And so it minimizes blooding, bruising and edema development. 

AQUA••INJ is gentle, new generation of injector eliminating hand shake influence, which is often reason of blood vessels hurt, bu adoption footswitch option, allowing both hands technique.

AQUA••INJ expert approach recommends to apply, after all kind of beauty care, active solution with AQUA.inj injector, either in needles or no.needles mode.

AQUA••INJ integrated Blue & Red LED as a part of injector application. Blue LED is effective for acne care and Red LED accelerates blood curculation, helping neo-collagenesis.

AQUA••INJ automatic injector solves problems of injection by hand like irregular results, long time consumption with one needle, or hand fatigue. But high product loss, high pain and low durability due to the product flowing backward is the main cause to make user giving it up. Until the recent introduction of AQUA.inj - the latest generation of needle injector adopting the latest technologies, bringing high degree of satisfaction.


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